The Hazy Moon of Enlightment

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Suicide is not a choice, nor that it's selfish. A choice is wether you'll have pasta or potatoes for dinner. Suicide is a result of mental illness, substance abuse or physical illness etc. You don't just decide to take your own life as if you're standing in the fresh produce isle looking for apples. The illness takes your life. Being ill is not your choice. You are not selfish. You're brave, for having faught so long. The most likely person to commit suicide is exactly the person who is desperately crying for help and no one offers her one, or no one has done enough to save him or her. We can do so much better. We are all supposed to do so much better.

"To dream the impossible dream/To fight the unbeatable foe/To bear with unbearable sorrow/To run where the brave dare not go." —— “The Impossible Dream”

I would like to share "The Impossible Dream", a song in broadway musical "Man of La Mancha", with people who are seeking for their dreams.

Dream and choice are two perplexing issues in our life-long process. As we are standing at the crossroads of life, we are often beset by questions as follows.

"Is this the life that I want to live?"
"What kind of person I want to be?"
"Should I stick to the impossible dream or be happy with the stable life otherwise?"

If there is not too much voice calling our dreams into question, we may not reflect how our real life is going. To make a choice is not mere simple word "like", "want", or "must". Once you make a choice, it means that you have profundly considered about what you are pursuiting, and what the purpose of your life is.

"To right the unrightable wrong/To be better far than you are
/To try when your arms are too weary/To reach the unreachable star" —— “The Impossible Dream”

You need to pay for your choice. If the truth of life is that nothing gold can stay, we should thank to god that we still have so much invaluable treasure in ourlife, such as our family, our friendship, and our dream. We can not wish widly that two choices may be balanced. In fact, they are Frost's two roads.

There is always what you can not bear or give up inhabiting in each choice. If you choose to live a stabe life, you may fed up with remote working space, tensing relationships, or work without any achievement;otherwise, you inhere to seeking for your dream, and you are to prepare for pierce competitions and a harder life. Your original peaceful and stable life, which may be the one some others life-long goal, paves way for your restless heart and impossible dream.

You will miss a lot of heartache, sure;also, you may miss a lot of joy. Sometimes we may mix fantansy and dream. We are urgy to escape current unbearable environment, however, we have prepare barely nothing for an enormous world.

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